Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let's Give Him a Hand - Completed!!

As of this writing, the prosthetic hand for Riley has been completed.  It is a functioning hand that will provide Riley more usability than the older prosthetic.  Since it has been completed we have received a good deal of publicity.  Below are links to Fox News coverage as well as some local articles:

Pioneer Crestline satellite students lend helping hand to Shelby student

Fox News Video                                Richland Source Article                        Mansfield News Journal

What is most exciting about this project is that we changed lives.  Riley's life was changed, his mothers life was changed and our students lives were changed.  As I stated in an earlier post:

Education = changing lives one child at a time.

The other exciting piece of this project is the list of curriculum and skills the students attained.  They learned: 1) how to use design software, 2) how to operate a 3D printer, 3) team work, 4) how to collaborate, 5) how to speak professionally with professionals in the industry, 6) how to use critical thinking skills to identify problems, 7) how to creatively think through and solve problems, and a host of others.  The students had a chance to learn all of that while completing a community service project that changed lives!