Monday, February 17, 2014

Let's Give Him a Hand II

In a span of two weeks Mr. Sticklers class had a model completely printed out and pieced together.

This is a STL file of the hand the students created and printed out on a 3D printer.

Pictured below are a number of Mr. Strickler's students who are infiltrating the parts.  In other words making the pieces of the hand hard.

Below are pictures of Mr. Strickler at Riley's school with a model of the hand.  He went their to make sure that the hand will be the correct size.  After spending time their he and his students realized that more tweaking needed to be done.  That being said, when Riley saw the hand, he began to run in place.  Let me restate that, he began to run in place!  


As you can see, Riley's wrist is very small.  It has not been used as much and has not developed.  This has added a layer of difficulty.  The STL files will not work as they are.  The students need to measure Riley's wrist and reverse engineer the parts of the hand that will fit around the wrist.   Recently, we came into contact with a company that has a 3D scanner.  We have been invited to visit this company.  Once there, we will have the machine scan around Riley's wrist.  The machine then will send the image/file to computer as a STL file.  Then we can really have a much more accurate measurement of Riley's wrist.  This will help immensely.  It is unbelievable the people and companies that are excited to work with us on this project!

As a side note, Mr. Strickler discovered a way to turn an X-Box 360 Kinnect motion bar into a 3D scanner!